Personal Memoir/Non-Fiction:

The Color of Life: A Journey Toward Love and Racial Justice (Zondervan 2019)

A list of Cara’s online and print publications (paid): 

“What Happens When You Love a Racist,” September 2018, Christianity Today

“Is God’s Peace Always Possible (and Powerful Enough) to Calm Life’s Storms?” August 24, 2018, iBelieve

Families at the Border Guide, July 2018, Welcome. Team (World Relief)

“What the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Means for Christian Women Today,” October 26, 2017, iBelieve

“When You Feel Like a Failure,” October 17, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“Share, Listen and Listen Some More,” September 5, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“Break Your Day into Thirds,” August 3, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“10 Fresh Ways to Engage with your Bible,” June 20, 2017, iBelieve

“10 Ways Not to be Anxious About Tomorrow,” May 22, 2017, iBelieve

“Imagining Our Way Out of Systems of Disgrace,” May 11, 2017, Christian Century

“7 Things that Will Keep Me from Coming Back to Your Church,” April 25, 2017, iBelieve

“A Conductor of Community,” April 20, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“Reaching a New Generation with the Bible,” Spring 2017, CT Pastors

“8 Ways to Prepare and Engage Your Children for Easter,” March 24, 2017, iBelieve

“How to Prepare for Speaking at a Conference,” March 16, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“8 necessary sanity-saving boundaries for work-from-home parents,” February 17, 2017, For Her

“Talking with My Kids About Death,” February 16, 2017, CT Women

“7 Signs You are a Draining Friend,” February 16, 2017, iBelieve

“Why It Took 39 Years to Get Justice for These Four Murdered Girls from Birmingham,”February 15, 2017, For Every Mom

“Discomfort Clarified My Calling,” February 9, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“Why I’m Spending this Year Saying Yes to My Son,” January 26, 2017, iBelieve

“You Are Needed,” January 3, 2017, Women Leaders/CT

“Coming of Age, Sort Of,” November/December 2016, Books & Culture/CT

“Please Don’t Make Me Feel Used,” November 29, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“Bring Your Full Self to the Table,” November 3, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“Season Was Always Open On Me,” September/October 2016, Books & Culture/CT

“An Open Letter to Young Women Leaders,” September 26, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“We are Free Indeed,” August 29, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“Stop Leading from a Scarcity Mindset,” August 2, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“Gilmore Girls is back with heart, wit and so much Stars Hollow nostalgia,” July 29, 2016, For Her

“My Husband Isn’t Called to Ministry,” July 5, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“The 3 questions every woman is dying to be asked,” June 10, 2016, For Her

“What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?” June 2, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“How Not to Lose Your Identity in Ministry,” May 2, 2016, Women Leaders/CT

“I’m White, But I Married the Son of a Black History Icon – And This Is What I Discovered About Color,” February 2016, For Every Mom

A list of books that feature essays by Cara: 

Disciplines 2019 (Upper Room)

Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives (Paraclete Press, 2017)

Dating During the Apocalypse, and Other Conversations on God, Sex and Life (Cru Press, 2016)

Live Your Calling (Christianity Today International, 2016)

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