Upcoming Schedule:

April 25: San Francisco, CA: conversational book event moderated by Roy Guaranton, with Sally Steele, Kevin Cooke (Saint Frank Coffee), 7 pm

May 30: Scotts Valley, CA: conversational book event with Abrem Estorga (Community Covenant Church), 7 pm

June 3: Oakland, CA: author reading & conversation (Oakland Public Library - Eastmont Branch), 5-6:30

June 9: San Francisco, CA: guest speaker & post-service conversation (City Church San Francisco), 10 am

June 9: Moraga, CA: “Talking to Kids About Race” with Myisha T. Hill, Jen McKillops & moderator Mitali Perkins (Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church), 6 pm

June 27: Oakland, CA: author reading & discussion with Myisha T. Hill (Oakland Public Library - Main Branch), 6-7:30 pm

August 11: Oakland, CA: preaching & conversational event (Christ Church Oakland), 9 am

August 21: Oakland, CA: author reading & discussion with Myisha T. Hill (Oakland Public Library - Dimond Branch), 6-7:30 pm

More to come!


Need a speaker for your next event?


She’s funny and she’s animated, but most of all she’s a truth teller who yearns to bring people closer to the God of justice, peace and love. A former high school English teacher and non-profit outreach director, Cara holds a Masters of Theology (Fuller Seminary) and is now a writer and speaker. Her first book, The Color of Life, released with Zondervan in 2019.

With nearly twenty years of professional speaking experience to over two hundred unique audiences, Cara speaks to a wide range of people but especially loves filling the pulpit on a Sunday morning or sharing her heart over the weekend at a family camp. An Episcopalian with Evangelical roots, she’d love to share a short, ten-minute homily or a longer, forty-minute sermon. You do you, Church! 

Want to see Cara in action?

What kind of audience will connect?

Cara speaks to…

  • Corporate Audiences, mostly around themes of creativity and bravery.

  • Women’s and Mother’s Groups, around the idea of finding Beauty in the most unlikely of places.

  • Middle School, High School and College Students, around issues of identity – Who am I? Who are my friends? Where am I going? 

  • Non-Profit and Other Faith-Based Organizations, when it comes to curating the conversations we all need to be happening that aren’t always happening. Using content from her book, The Color of Life, Cara loves to dialogue with brothers and sisters of color in order to model real and honest conversations around issues of justice, race and privilege.

  • Church Gatherings, Conferences and Retreats, be it around content from her book or a host of other topics, Cara loves getting the chance to bring people closer to the God of justice, peace and love.

  • Bookstores, Book Clubs & Community Events, including a myriad of ways The Color of Life can be engaged with in your particular community!

Interested in hearing more? Reach out to Cara today.